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Rissa’s Little Learners is dedicated to teaching and preparing your children for Kindergarten and beyond. We offer a fun, learning, and structured environment that your child will thrive in.


Learning at Rissa’s Little Learners consists of weekly themed lesson plans where your child will learn letters, numbers, shapes, colors and much much more.

Our goal is to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Your child will learn so many things in a fun and engaging way.


During Playtime at Rissa’s Little Learners we offer:

  • outdoor play: water activities, sports, sand fun, nature walks, trampolines and more!!
  • free play: your child will be able to choose what they want to do from building a train track, to painting pictures, or even being an astronaut!! Free time at Rissa’s Little Learners is a time to let your child explore his/her imagination.
  • dramatic play: Your child will be able to accept and designate roles and then act them out! For example: setting up a bakery, having a puppet show, camping out and setting up a food market


At Rissa’s Little Learners we offer a set structured schedule daily. Our daily schedule consists of a variety of activities including Circle Time, Art, Story Time, Nap Time, Potty Training, Indoor/Outdoor Play, Small Group Activity Guided Centers, Table Manners, and many more…


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